Tentative Reservations can be made through E-mail or by telephone.
Confirmed Reservations shall be given after receipt of the advance amount, made in full, for the total duration of stay desired.


Remittance of advance payments for reservations (while in India) may be made by 'online' payment to our A/C as follows 

Walk into any bank in India and give the following details along with the amount to be remitted.

Name: Rajiv Bhargava

Saving A/c No: 0167101012721

Name of bank: Canara Bank, Kutchary Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan

Branch Code: CNRB0000167


After remittance, kindly inform us either by Email or by phone to give you a confirm reservation.

(1) 100% Advance refunded on cancellation before one month from due date.
(2) 50% If canceled before ten days from due date.
(3) No amount will be refunded on cancellation after the mentioned period.


Please email your details to the following email addresses for reservation: